•   20 Feb 14:27
    Best Practice

    1. Internal Newsletter

    Send a newsletter frequently (weekly, fortnight or monthly) and inform members about all the important posts on the platform. This function is available only to the Administrator of the Community.

    2. Human-Centric Content

    Corporate information is critical but engagement also asks for playfulness.

    You may wish to establish a “Featured Member Area” where every month you can share some information about a selected member. You may wish to have some polls from time to time or share praises for member achievements. Also, it would be good to share useful resources (articles, videos) that would contribute to the Personal Development of members.

    3. Useful & Exclusive Content

    Publish news and information that would be of interest to all members. Such information could include Key Performance Indicators (e.g. Customer Satisfaction Surveys) and Benchmarking Reports (e.g. Top 3 Sales Offices). How you present this information makes a difference, as in the end of the day you want to inspire and motivate the team towards better results. So, be creative and inspiring!

    4. Member Service Desk

    Make sure that you include a Service Desk function. For example, the Service Desk can include functions such as a support request addressed to the HR department, the Accounting/Finance Department or the IT department. Members should feel that the platform is the place where they can seek quick and direct support/help. Communication that previously took place with the use of email can now be logged in the platform in a more structured way.

    5. Incentives

    You may wish to establish some incentives or rewards to motivate members to publish useful content. For example, you could launch an internal contest where members can suggest ideas for improvements (the best idea receives a reward). The goal is not to have many posts and much traffic on the platform but to use the platform as the medium to increase innovation and performance.

    6. Community Manager

    The role of the Community Manager in making the community a successful practice is very important. The community manager needs to act as a facilitator who educates the users on how to benefit from the platform and be responsive to any requests for technical help.

    7. Community Content Management Group

    Establish a Community Content Management Group. This group should include a representative from each department who will serve as the owner/facilitator for the departmental content and will be suggesting ideas for adding useful functions in the platform. The platform is not to be seen solely as an IT initiative.

    8. Senior Leadership Support

    In order for the initiative to succeed the Senior Leadership Team should support and participation in a lead by example manner. You may wish to include a featured letter-introduction of the platform and its purpose from the CEO. In such a letter it would be good to mention the following points:

    -The platform aims at making the life of every member of the organization easier by improving communication and collaboration

    -Members can shape the future of your organization by contributing their ideas and providing dynamic feedback

    -Members can also suggest new useful functions that could be incorporated within the platform

    -The platform can be accessed from any mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet)

    9. New functions

    Use a phased approach and keep introducing new functions gradually so that members don’t get overwhelmed. You may use the newsletter when introducing new functions.